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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Just too Bootylicious for Ya

Beyonce Knowles. Yes, this post is about the singer/actress/pop culture phenomenon. If you know me, you're eyebrows are up in the air and you might be looking around "did I just enter an alternate universe?". No friends, seriously. I am not a person who is in "the know". I don't know which celebrity is sleeping with what, I don't listen to pop music or watch E!, I'm at a complete loss when it comes to what's hot and what's lame. But, I don't live under a rock either. I do know names and faces and eventually run into the really popular stuff.

So I ran into Beyonce the other day and thought, hmm, yeah, I think she's alright.

This isn't an extensive study on her because I don't know enough and to be honest, I don't want to get sucked into the hype. Instead, this is a nod to her and what I believe she has done for women.

Although I do keep my head occupied with the underground music scene, back in '99 I remember jamming out to Destiny Child's "Bills Bills Bills", "Say My Name" and later "Survivor", "Independent Women" and of course, "Bootylicious". What I didn't realize at the time was that the lyrics were all about maintaining power and staying strong as women.

So, the other day I listened to one of her newest hits "Single Ladies" and was at first dismissive, but fine I admit, the beat was catchy so I gave it another chance and found that the lyrics are, empowering?

She uses the word "it" to refer to, what? Herself? Her body? Well, then she's objectifying herself and that's no good. But, being an artist (a totally different kind but we're all makin' art so we're related) I'll give artistic license and say okay. The message of "I don't need you fool" is poignant enough that the word "it" gets lost...for the most part.

Besides her Women Power! I love that Beyonce truly is bootylicious. Just the fact that she has enough weight to have a booty is cool. I've seen these other celebrities, I should say, I've seen their rib cages, and can't believe they are the figures that are representing our society. I personally don't know that many women that weigh less than my handbag so I wonder why there isn't more females walking around supporting the most beautiful thing, curves.

Though being a diva or another Sasha Fierce isn't my personal thing, I still think Beyonce is a positive influence for women. She isn't the ideal role model, but then again, who is and what qualifies them to be so?

Three cheers for Beyonce's attempts at empowering women and representing another side of beauty!!!

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